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Digital Signage Installation Disaster: Are you ready?

What happens after a digital signage installation? Post-installation is the most important part of any digital signage project. However, it’s the part of the project that’s often overlooked. To ensure you’re prepared for what comes after your digital signage installation, here are some things to consider.

  • Who will maintain your digital signage network? 
  • Who is responsible for creating and updating your on screen content?
  • Do you have a failover in case something goes wrong? 

The reality is, these questions are not thought about until it’s too late. 

Roles and responsibilities post digital signage installation should not be an afterthought, they should be made clear right at the start of your project, so let’s tackle some of the key questions.

#1 – Who will maintain your digital signage network?

You can designate responsibility for maintaining your digital signage network to:

  • An individual
  • A team
  • Your digital signage integrator – if they provide the services you need

Maintaining your digital signage network should cover:

  • Content 
  • Hardware

Whoever you delegate a maintenance task to, should be responsible for all aspects of that task.

Starting with content maintenance, you should have one person solely responsible for ensuring that content is created and updated.

The individual can coordinate your marketing team, work with your digital signage integrator – if they provide content creation and management services – or partner with a marketing and communications agency, to ensure that your content requirements are met.

For hardware maintenance, you can delegate the task to your IT manager. 

They can take responsibility for ensuring that all hardware is operational, and if things should go wrong they can work with your digital signage integrator, or an IT service provider, to put right any problems.

Alternatively, your digital signage integrator may provide hardware maintenance services, for a fee of course. 

Having your digital signage integrator responsible for maintenance is a good option, because you know any problems are in the hands of engineers who installed the system and issues will be resolved quicker.

#2 – Who is responsible for content updates?

It’s important that you have a point of contact in house, whether it’s an individual or marketing team, to coordinate content creation and updates.

If you make an individual or team responsible for updating your digital signage content, they should have an understanding of your digital signage network’s content management system. 

It’s worth having a content designer who can work with any templates that come as part of your digital signage software package or create any custom content designs that you need.

If you decide to use a MarComm’s agency, your in house point of contact can be responsible for working with the agency to organise a content calendar or resolve any issues that arise concerning content creation or updates.

Alternatively, you can make your digital signage software supplier responsible for content creation and updates. This will likely involve a monthly or annual fee.

#3 – Do you have a failover?

If something goes wrong, do you have a backup plan? For instance, if your network uses media players, how will you display content if one fails?

First things first, make sure you have a point of contact in house who can work with your digital signage integrator to fix any issues.

However, always be prepared. 

For example, back up your digital content and templates on a USB in the event that a media player should fail. 

This will allow you to plug your USB directly into another media player or directly into the screen and continue displaying content.

If a screen fails, have a plan in place that will allow you to display content, minus one of your displays.

It’s worth assigning responsibility to someone in house who can create backup procedures in the event of your digital signage network experiencing technical problems.

Post digital signage installation summary

The key questions we’ve outlined should be answered as part of your digital signage installation plan, not as an afterthought.

The installation is only the first step. 

To make your digital signage network a success, what happens after installation is key.

Ensure that you assign responsibility for:

  • Maintaining your digital signage network
  • Managing content creation and updates
  • Backup procedures and processes 

Contact Novmega Digital Solutions for further information and advice on digital signage installation. 

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