Westin Bear Mountain

Never-been-done LED Video Wall becomes centre piece for Award-Winning Technology focused Hotel 

Multi-purposed and easy-to-use LED Video wall has immediate impact on sales for destination Resort & Hotel.


With aspirations of becoming the first 5-Star Diamond Westin Hotel, President and CEO of Westin Bear, Raoul Malak had the idea to create a unique and visually stunning video wall display that would “reimagine the guest experience.” His vision was ambitious, imaginative, inspiring, and pioneering within Canada’s hospitality sector. The hotel wanted to make its mark on the industry and believed technology would be a differentiator.
The video wall is speculated to be the most pixel dense dvLED wall in Canada, totaling over 20 million pixels, and currently the largest indoor dvLED hospitality installation in Canada. Valued at $1 million, the project is a complete success, and LG Canada and Peerless-AV have awarded Raoul Malak and the hotel with a plaque for “dvLED Hospitality Project of the Year, Canada”.


  • Largest, most complex LG indoor Video Wall in Canada
  • Easy-to-use Crestron touch-screens
  •  Built for multi-purpose use-cases in mind
  • Scalable Solution 
  • Award Winning Installation 


  • Never-Been-Done Project 
  • High-profile clientele 
  • Creating a solution that not only bleeding-edge technology, but easy to use
"“It’s fantastic to see my vision come alive. I wanted to set a technology benchmark in the Canadian hospitality market whilst elevating the value add for guests and visitors. Not only do we have an amazing venue, but we also have the biggest video wall in Western Canada, and the ballroom has been booked up all through summer. The bride at the first wedding reception since the video wall was installed was blown away, and seeing her and other guest reactions makes me very happy. LG Canada has recognized the installation as ‘AV Project of the Year 2021’ and for that I’m very proud.”
Raoul Malak
President & CEO, Westin Bear Mountain